Thursday, October 22, 2009


Has everyone checked out Community yet? If not you might wanna get on it. I had my doubts about Joel McHale and the rest of the no namers in the cast but after 5 episodes I'm sold. The soup guy certainly hasn't sucked as bad as his lame E channel show did(how hard is it making fun of all those reality show train wrecks.) The dude hasn't been this funny since his Burger King commercial days. Another nice little surprise is Gillian Jacobs. She has that "whole lotta sexy, little bit o naughty" routine down. Chevy Chase is freaking hilarious as always. His sneeze scene with Troy in Episode 2 is classic Chevy (reminded me of his magic chant right before he shot the Invisible Swordsman in Three Amigos.) Also the additions of Abed and Troy (featured above) Senor Chang and the flamboyant Dean round out the cast nicely.

If your like me and are bored and lonely on Thursday nights either because your wife is at Thriller or is at one of her 800 jobs/hobbies then you know what to do. Set the DVR, put the kids to bed and laugh your a** off.

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