Friday, May 14, 2010


Kings of Leon-Did you really allow your song to be put on Kidzbop 17 along with Hannah Montana and Bieber? Really? You greedy losers are dead to me.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For the love

Who the hell is in charge of the Joy Division catalog? Are they just letting everyone and anyone piss all over this great band and their songs? I just heard none other than Fall Out Boy cover "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and now I'm doing all I can to not go lay down on a rail road track somewhere. Seriously, hearing this made me want to take a nap at the bottom of the WVC fitness center pool. You know what those kids do to those pools? I was also made aware that The Killers covered "Shadowplay." This one was a bit better and by better I mean just as bad but maybe a little less bad. It still made me want to go Sharon Stone on my ears with an ice pick. Then I had to read some of the comments by those great talkbackers as they compared The Killers to Joy Division, which is like comparing Skee-lo to Jay Z. Here is a plea to please leave Ian and his mates alone. I don't want to hear any more warped tour bands covering these guys. Unless your initials are TR than don't do it. By the way NIN did a sweet cover of "Atmosphere" last year as their tour was winding down. No I'm not a hypocrite, it's different. Reznor screaming how dead souls keep calling him fits pretty good in my opinion and their cover of "Dead Souls" is how I found out about JD anyway. So moral of the story is if you think your band is really cool and you want to earn some street cred by covering this revered band, look behind you because I'll be there Chuck Norris style, karate kicks and all.

By the way, Unknown Pleasures and Closer are two of the best albums you'll ever hear. How were these guys making this kind of music in the 70's? Unknown was somehow left of my original top 25 albums ever. I knew I was forgetting something. Either way it's on there now. Probably top 5.

Also, check out the movie Control. Good movie.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Magic Wands

Favorite new band! These two are a bit different than the stuff I usually like but I can't deny their goodness. They are still recording their first full length but have put out an EP that I suggest you pick up. Give them a listen.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ute Football

*Edit* This was posted last year and will be shared with as many people as possible for the rest of my life. I spent 25 years of my life on the wrong side of this thing, now I must make things right.

This post has been many years in the making. It is time to share something that is very important to me…something that is very special and significant in my life…something that will affect my family forever. This is my conversion story…from BYU fan to Utah fan.

I compare this conversion to those who may have left the South to join the North in the Civil War. This is a story about not relying on the traditions of your forefathers, seeking the truth, and having the courage to admit you are wrong and that it’s never to late to make things right. And if this testimony helps some poor confused soul find his way in this crazy mixed up world so be it.

Let us start in the beginning…August of 1998. It was during this time that I returned home from my mission. Terah had just got a job at Hunter High coaching the drill team. For years the drill team worked concessions at the U football games and because of this we often went along to help, as well as to watch some football. I have always been the person that will watch any football game, any time, anywhere. During the next 3-4 years many seeds were planted. I began to compare my experiences attending Utah games to those in Provo. I noticed while at Utah games they didn’t play “popcorn popping” or “if your happy and you know it” over the PA system. I noticed there was not the constant barrage of advertisements coming from the announcer every time there was a time out. I noticed there wasn’t the annoyance of the “cougar roar” every 2 minutes and at random, inappropriate times. I noticed that the students around me were watching the game unlike the plethora of “sweet spirits” sitting next to me at BYU games, going on and on about what they were going to do for family home evening the next Monday and whether the Bishop would be attending their activity (true!). I noticed that the Ute crowd didn’t yell and scream for a penalty on every frickin play like crazy Cougar fan!!!

One of the biggest things that I began to notice is that I could get to a Utah game and back home in a reasonable amount of time. The stadiums location was convenient, the traffic minimal. I compared that with having to leave 3-4 hours before game time just to get down to Lavell Edwards Stadium (LES) before kick off, while taking double that time to get home after a game. I can hear BYU fan saying “that’s because we have so many more fans than Utah, our stadium is so much bigger and it’s always sold out” No that’s not the reason it takes so long to get in and out of there compared to Utah. The reason is because your damn stadium is built like Helms Deep from Lord of the Rings. It’s carved into the corner of a mountain leaving only one way in and one way out. The last time I was in the stadium I kept thinking that after the game I might have to ride out of the stadium on horse back through thousands of spear throwing Orcs and that hopefully Gandalf would arise out of the East to lead the way back home. It is insane.

Now let’s talk about some of the people involved. Let me set the record straight right now. It was not any one of my friends or family that talked me into switching my allegiances. It has less to do with the Bawden’s and Monsen’s and more to do with people like Gary Crowton, Bronco Mendanhall, Curtis Brown, Brian Kehl, Max Hall, Austin Collie and of course Cougar fan. There has been way to much crazy talk over the last 5 or 6 years from coaches, players and fans to name all the annoying comments so let me just say all the talk about living right, magic happening, correct principles, executing at higher levels, and smack talk from retarded Cougar players/coaches and delusional cougar fans has been more than enough to push me away. Mobility elements? Position mastery? Are you serious Bronco?

This post could have easily been much longer (I didn’t even talk about the A+ signs they put up at LES for a couple of years ago-how embarrassing!) but game time is approaching. Let me end by making a plea. If you are currently a cougar fan…it’s not too late. Don’t be afraid. Come into the light. Leave the rednecks of the South and join with the noble cause of the North.!!!

As for me, I am a changed man and I couldn’t be happier. With a BCS bowl in 2004 and one on the line today (We all know what happened at the Sugar Bowl since this post!), it doesn’t get any better than this! L.E.T.S G.O. U.T.A.H

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dear 30 Seconds to Mars,

Guys come on. I just wasted the last 8.5 minutes of my life watching your latest gem of a music video. Yeah, I said 8.5 minutes. Not 3 or 4 but over 8! I've got a few issues with you guys that I'd like to hammer out real quick.
1. Enough with the "short film" music videos. Normal bands can bang'em out in 3-4 minutes and be done. I bet that lame a** video of yours costed you a fortune and for what. A bunch of tards on bikes riding through the ghetto? If that is what your heart is set on next time give me a call and for $500 cash I'll bring my mini-dv camera and bingo, you got your music video with the bike tricks, crazy kids and all. Or maybe we can really push boundaries and I can film myself warming up a hot pocket while your song is playing in the background and that would work too. We can still put the credits at the end and everything. By the way if you roll credits at the end of your video that probably means your trying a way too hard. Did it really take that many people to make that happen!? Anyway, to sum it up, shorten it up and get a bit creative.
2. Leto, your not an actor anymore. Ok you had some small roles in some pretty cool flicks (who could forget my man getting hacked up in American Psycho by Christian Bale as seen above) but it's time to drama it down bro. I haven't seen this much over acting since seeing those little over-spastic nerds on Barney (I had young kids ok?). Decide what you want to do. You want to rock or act because you can't do both unless you're Elvis. Figure it out wiener.
3. You're latest single sucks. Stop trying to make the next big radio hit and just make some decent music like you used to. Like I said before your trying too hard for all the wrong reasons. You've already got money growing out of your a. Let's take the next step and start pushing some bounderies.

Well, with that being said, I guess I'll still come to your concert this Monday, November 30th at the Raile. You're still pretty decent and if you take my advice you'll be set.

Thanks guys.

Friday, October 30, 2009


I'm always looking for a good excuse to talk about a favorite song or band. Just found a new one. If you haven't heard, Jawbox will be reuniting on December 8th on the Jimmy Fallon show and will be playing one of the best songs ever-Savory. They are also re-releasing their 1994 album "For your own special sweetheart." Set the DVR and watch them kill it.

If you don't know Jawbox or J. Robbins I guess you don't rock like the rest of us. Too bad for you.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Has everyone checked out Community yet? If not you might wanna get on it. I had my doubts about Joel McHale and the rest of the no namers in the cast but after 5 episodes I'm sold. The soup guy certainly hasn't sucked as bad as his lame E channel show did(how hard is it making fun of all those reality show train wrecks.) The dude hasn't been this funny since his Burger King commercial days. Another nice little surprise is Gillian Jacobs. She has that "whole lotta sexy, little bit o naughty" routine down. Chevy Chase is freaking hilarious as always. His sneeze scene with Troy in Episode 2 is classic Chevy (reminded me of his magic chant right before he shot the Invisible Swordsman in Three Amigos.) Also the additions of Abed and Troy (featured above) Senor Chang and the flamboyant Dean round out the cast nicely.

If your like me and are bored and lonely on Thursday nights either because your wife is at Thriller or is at one of her 800 jobs/hobbies then you know what to do. Set the DVR, put the kids to bed and laugh your a** off.