Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For the love

Who the hell is in charge of the Joy Division catalog? Are they just letting everyone and anyone piss all over this great band and their songs? I just heard none other than Fall Out Boy cover "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and now I'm doing all I can to not go lay down on a rail road track somewhere. Seriously, hearing this made me want to take a nap at the bottom of the WVC fitness center pool. You know what those kids do to those pools? I was also made aware that The Killers covered "Shadowplay." This one was a bit better and by better I mean just as bad but maybe a little less bad. It still made me want to go Sharon Stone on my ears with an ice pick. Then I had to read some of the comments by those great talkbackers as they compared The Killers to Joy Division, which is like comparing Skee-lo to Jay Z. Here is a plea to please leave Ian and his mates alone. I don't want to hear any more warped tour bands covering these guys. Unless your initials are TR than don't do it. By the way NIN did a sweet cover of "Atmosphere" last year as their tour was winding down. No I'm not a hypocrite, it's different. Reznor screaming how dead souls keep calling him fits pretty good in my opinion and their cover of "Dead Souls" is how I found out about JD anyway. So moral of the story is if you think your band is really cool and you want to earn some street cred by covering this revered band, look behind you because I'll be there Chuck Norris style, karate kicks and all.

By the way, Unknown Pleasures and Closer are two of the best albums you'll ever hear. How were these guys making this kind of music in the 70's? Unknown was somehow left of my original top 25 albums ever. I knew I was forgetting something. Either way it's on there now. Probably top 5.

Also, check out the movie Control. Good movie.

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